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What Sets Us Apart

"Our vision is to build the preeminent alternative asset marketplace, providing eligible investors with access to private investments by way of a transparent and intuitive online platform"

-Todd Lippiatt, Founder & CEO


Propellr's management team of professionals has on average 15 years of relevant experience in finance including structured credit, real estate and capital markets, along with extensive industry contacts.

Unique Sourcing

We know it's challenging to raise capital, source opportunities and service Investors simultaneously. By facilitating capital raising and servicing, Propellr empowers Issuers to focus on sourcing opportunities and achieving their underwriting objectives.

Diverse Asset Classes

Although real estate is a significant part of Propellr today, we know that new asset classes offering more compelling returns will emerge. We believe that Investors will demand a single platform through which they can access a variety of asset classes.


Eligibility to join is guided by regulatory statutes related to accreditation status, financial sophistication, and risk appetite. Propellr is currently only available to Accredited Investors and institutions and the minimum investment is $25,000 per transaction.