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Robust Tools

A full suite of proprietary tools to market, allocate and service private offerings

Automated Investor onboarding including accreditation, investor questionnaire and KYC/AML checks

Comprehensive Investor administration and servicing enables Issuers to focus on origination and underwriting

Greater Efficiency

Access to lower cost of capital than alternative capital sources

Direct investing format allows for brand growth while minimizing administrative expenses

Reduction of overhead expenses and infrastructure achieved via proprietary servicing technology

Access to Capital

Access to sophisticated capital including Accredited Investors, family offices and small institutions

Higher deal velocity and ability to raise capital for larger transactions

Platform from which to build an auditable track record towards raising discretionary capital

High Quality Experience

Investors provided with a first-rate experience from onboarding and investing all the way to servicing

Institutional quality servicing including monthly statements, cash distributions and preparation of all tax & legal docs

Positive experience allows Issuers to cultivate long-term relationships


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Investor Onboarding

  • Potential Investors can request access or be referred by Issuers
  • Once invited onto the platform, Investors self-accredit and complete a risk profile and questionnaire
  • Propellr performs full KYC/AML checks to ensure Regulation D compliance
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Deal Creation

  • Issuers are provided with a robust set of proprietary online tools to create and publish deals
  • Propellr allows Issuers to customize and organize a memo how they see fit
  • Issuers can use advanced styling, high resolution images, Google Maps integration, and Excel upload
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Deal Allocation

  • Issuers can track desired and minimum requests in real time and easily make allocations to Investors
  • Investors e-sign documents and receive individualized confirmations
  • Issuers countersign documents, confirm receipt of wires and send reminders as needed
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Servicing & Administration

  • Propellr offers Issuers a fully integrated cash-flow management toolset
  • Deal specific statements are automatically generated for Investors, who receive emails as they become available
  • Secure integration with Wells Fargo allows for reliable and timely ACH & wire distribution of funds