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Where Capital Meets Opportunity

Learn more about the benefits of investing via Propellr


Issuers with proven track records across a range of asset classes

Fully integrated platform easily accessible by eligible investors

Invest in emerging asset classes sourced by experienced operators

Risk / Return

Direct access to deals dis-intermediates middleman fees

Alternative investments could yield higher returns

Non-traditional asset classes can provide diversification

Best Practices

Special Purpose Vehicles used to collateralize underlying assets

Extensive due diligence performed on issuers and deals

Issuers required to co-invest to ensure alignment of interest


Performing deals have automated monthly distributions

Secure, paperless investor statements and detailed reporting

Communication with issuers to answer deal related questions


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Sourcing & Internal Review

  • Propellr uses industry relationships to curate a roster of issuers across a variety of asset classes
  • Issuers must supply detailed due diligence materials and create a digital offering memo
  • Propellr reviews materials for completeness and requires the Issuer to co-invest 10% alongside Investors
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Investment Request

  • Once open, Investors can review the materials supplied by Issuers
  • Investors can interface with Issuers to answer detailed questions
  • Investors easily submit a desired and minimum allocation
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  • Email is sent to Investors containing allocation amount and instructions on how to complete their investment
  • Investors log in to confirm participation, designate bank accounts, and e-sign subscription and operating agreements
  • Investors access fully executed documents online upon closing
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Servicing & Asset Management

  • Propellr automatically generates monthly paperless statements and makes distributions to Investors
  • All investment updates are delivered to Investors' inboxes for the duration of the opportunity
  • Investors can track the performance of their portfolio, view new opportunities and retrieve documents on demand