Emerging middle market issuers have access to unique investment opportunities but lack the capital markets expertise and the infrastructure necessary to efficiently grow their business. Propellr solves these challenges by providing merchant banking services and technology solutions.

Sophisticated investors seeking alternative investments are often limited to traditionally structured funds. Propellr creates a marketplace for investors to access exclusive alternative investment opportunities in various asset classes, including real estate and specialty finance.


The complex regulatory landscape makes it challenging for middle market issuers to sell private securities while growing an investor base. Propellr's broker-dealer and vertically-integrated offering process reduces the time and cost to issue while strictly adhering to regulatory requirements.


Every transaction is unique and requires careful evaluation of a range of salient factors to maximize value. Propellr optimizes the capital structure best suited for each issuer's business plan.

Raising Capital

Middle market issuers struggle to allocate time between sourcing, originating, and raising capital. Propellr's network of banks and investors provides issuers with debt and equity financing solutions throughout the capital stack.


Traditional investor relations is a labor-intensive process, with high cost for issuers. Propellr's technology delivers a transparent and high-touch investor experience that scales alongside an issuer's business and virtually eliminates the need for a costly back office.


Propellr provides eligible investors with access to private alternative investment opportunities.

Ensures an alignment of interests by requiring that issuers co-invest in each transaction

Uses industry relationships and market expertise to identify, vet, and select emerging issuers with niche expertise

Performs transaction-specific diligence to ensure each offering adheres to the issuer's core competence, regulatory guidelines and industry best practices

Provides investors full transparency through detailed statements, distributions, and investment updates


Propellr empowers issuers to focus on their core stengths: origination and business plan execution.

Provides issuers with optimized debt and equity financing options as well as structuring advisory

Performs compliance review of materials per regulatory guidelines

Executes technology-driven servicing including periodic statement generation and distributions

Fulfills investor onboarding responsibilities such as KYC/AML and suitability checks


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